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At Dilantin Mold Remediation we're regularly watching our competitors to ensure we bring you the absolute best deal in mold and mildew removal.


We've been specializing in mold remediation for many years. Dilantin Mold Remediation are your trustworthy local professionals.

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Earthy smells as well as stuffy smell are unpleasant to be around in addition to the health concerns caused by mold. We can advise| recommend you on exactly how to restore air quality fast!

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Here at our professionals can carry out a mold inspection and evaluation on your house or workplace in El Portal and do mold and mildew testing if called for. If mold is spotted, our specialists have the ideal service to locate the cause and rectify the situation in both your home and industrial buildings. Mold samples may be taken to evaluate the type of mold you have and plan for the remedial process and treatments.

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[email protected] unchecked mold and mildew contamination can spread swiftly affecting many square feet of material. This spread increases the health danger and also causes increased expense and inconvenience to resolve. Early detection is important to avoid a bad situation} becoming a calamity! Mold and mildew feeds on organic products when favorable conditions exist. With mold and mildew removal costing anywhere between $10 and $25 per square foot in El Portal and [potentially| possibly} a lot more depending on severity, it is necessary to get a handle on it quick.

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